dimanche 7 août 2011

Genesia iPad - english version


This new version of GENESIA is inspired from the game of the same name I created twenty years ago on Amiga 500. GENESIA, named Ultimate Domain in the USA, is a turn based strategic game that received the « Tilt d’or » in 1993 for the best strategic game facing the challengers of the time such as « Dune 2 » and « Starlord ».


GENESIA’s programming has been entirely re-thought and re-written according to Objective C, whilst maintaining the philosophy and original title of the game. 


GENESIA is not an easy game. Contrary to « Gameplay » where everything is pre-cooked and where your hand is being held to redirect you every two minutes, here there is no tutorial obligating you to do this or that in order to advance.

In GENESIA, there are no mind blowing special effects. I preferred to keep my focus on the deepness and interest of the game.

A hot air balloon in the province of Damora - Spring


One year is divided into four seasons and each season corresponds to one round in the game. In the beginning of each round, little time is given to you to elaborate your strategies and distribute your orders, before passing to your opponent’s hand.

You can do what you want at any given moment whenever you feel the need to. Being quick or slow isn’t a problem, at any given moment the situations can permute and a well played hand can change the unravelling of the round. A situation that seems completely hopeless to you can, armed with patience and strategy, turn around to your favor.

Robert BAILEY has a grudge against the Governor


GENESIA isn’t a simple race against time. You will always have several ways to do what must be done, and step by step, you will sharpen your tactics. To achieve victory, you will have to develop your economy’s politics and accumulate resources that will enable you to recruit soldiers to find as fast as you can gems of NEORT.

On the other hand, you will have to protect your provinces and consequently establish a defense. You will undergo defeat if all the gems have been collected by one of your opponents or if you have no more provinces under your control. 

GENESIA proposes you 3 different game experiences, the challenges to overcome depend on the provinces' area that you decide to administer :

  • The « brain boggler » mode is available on hostile provinces of 8x8 allotments : this option is reserved for players in search of challenges. The provinces are small, the resources limited and each action must be thoroughly thought through.
  • The « normal » mode is available on provinces of 10x10 allotments : this option offers players well balanced games.
  • The provinces of 12x12 allotments are welcoming. The natural resources are more abundant, and life generally more peaceful.

Emma and Hugh live in a shack


To evolve in GENESIA, you will have to act as harmoniously as possible. Several crafts are at your disposal to build this New World : farmers, lumberjacks, blacksmiths, carpenters, soldiers... But all of this won’t be done easily for other Governors are striving just as you, on other territories. It’s your economy’s development, your military force and technological advancement that will lead you to the term of your engagement.

Each inhabitant of your territory must necessarily own a home.

Your inhabitants morale is their primordial characteristic, it will influence numerous parameters such as : productivity, battle qualities, the wish to found a family, births.

As in every society, your people aspire to happiness and have their own lives. They work, pay taxes, get married, have children, age... and are even subject to diseases.

Once you arrive on GENESIA’s archipelago, you are at the head of a province and of a few inhabitants. They are the first settlers.

  • Flowers favor the presence of pollinating insects, the tree roots stabilize the grounds, and vegetation develops accordingly to the natural environment. 
  • The sea, the rain, the storms, the snow melts, drinking water wells influence the groundwater.
  • The seasons have a direct impact on the exploitation of the natural resources.

A bard is singing legends for his compatriots


This new version is the first stone to building an empire that we can create together. It will take time and GENESIA will evolve during the following months. I already have dozens of ideas I would like to incorporate to make GENESIA the most complete, interesting turn based strategic game there is.


  • A Strategy and Management turn based game in a living world.
  • Playable, up to three players on the same iPad or against the artificial intelligence.
  • A procedural universe: two rounds never look alike, for hundreds of hours of gaming.
  • A deepness and attention to detail unprecedented on iPad : form armies and conquer foreign provinces : soldiers, bowmen, horsemen, champions, bards, cannoneers and hot air balloon pilots are under your commands. Order the construction of fields, roads, wells, gardens, storage rooms and warehouses, barracks, taverns, stables, workshops, temples... Your architects have the blueprints for dozens of constructions.

A hot air balloon caught in a snowstorm

Soon your turn to play !

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  1. Hi,

    don't you plan to make it for other platform(s)?
    I loved Genesia, but I think I will not buy iPad in next few years :(


  2. hello Mikellos,

    I have no idea for now because the IPAD version is not yet profitable enough for me to start development on another platform. For now, everything is possible.

  3. I have very fond memories of playing this game (as Ultimate Domain) in my youth. I would love to play it again, especially with the updated graphics! Any chance of this on iPhone or will this always be iPad only?

  4. @ Untitled.Game: This will depend on the sales of the iPad version, because it is more difficult to create a strategy game on small screens like the iPhone (legibility of fonts, size of the interface, gameplay).

    I really want to do a good job, so for the time it is not expected on iPhone, i prefer at the moment continue to work on updates and addons of the iPad version.

    But you know, anything is possible.

  5. That all makes sense I suppose. I certainly hope you see good sales (it is most definitely a worthy game). If you do decide to release an iPhone version, let me know; you'll have at least one guaranteed buyer for it!

  6. Oh yeah ! a game I loved when I was a child, some many times I played to your game !!!

    But I dont have an ipad... do you plane to adapt it for android too ?

  7. @Anonyme : thank you for the compliments, there is no Android version for now, but anything is possible.

  8. Félicitations!
    J'avais adoré Genesia lors de sa sortie sur A500 et je suis plus qu'heureux de le voir arriver sur iPad.
    Pour dire, j'y ai joué il y a encore seulement qques jours sur l'Amiga 500 qui trône sur mon bureau au boulot!

    Si jamais un portage était envisagé pour d'autres plateformes je m'occupe de maintenir un moteur 2D open source simple et puissant appelé orx ( qui tourne actuellement sur windows, linux, OS X, iOS et Android et je serais heureux d'aider à la tâche. Je peux être contacté directement via PM ou email via le site d'orx.

    Encore bravo et bonne chance pour l'avenir!

  9. Bonjour Thomas,

    J'ai 32 ans et je suis amoureux de Genesia depuis mon Amiga 500.. On etait 3 copains à jouer chacun son tour, on avait meme galerer pour comprendre comment enregistrer une partie avec cette fameuse disquette vierge nommée "gensave" lol

    Qd j'ai vu sur Gamekult que Genesia était sorti sur Ipad, j'ai tout de suite penser... nonnnnnn j'ai pas d'Ipad. J'hésite a m'en acheter un du coup LOLLL

    Bon sinon, étant moi developpeur et originaire du nord de la france, je vous félicite pour ce jeu merveilleux... Que des bons souvenirs !

    J'espere qu'il sera porté de nouveau sur PC.

  10. @Bruno : Haaa la fameuse disquette, elle ne va pas nous manquer celle-là ! J'aimerai convertir le code de la nouvelle version de Genesia sur PC, malheureusement il faut que je rentabilise la version iPad avant de pouvoir décider d'un nouveau portage. Laissons faire le temps :p

    Merci pour les bons souvenirs !

  11. Oui je comprends, j'ose meme pas imaginé la quantité de travail que vous avez déja abattu !

    J'espere que la version ipad vous apportera fortune et prosperité ;)

  12. As promised the "minor" update (version 1.0.1) with some modifications has been sent today to be validated the App Store. Here's a preview list of changes :

    • Adding some texts for understand the function of symbols and icons.
    • Adding some descriptions to know the role of building before starting construction.
    • Adding a lens quest to understand the role of the temple, the disciples of NEORT and gems (but without revealing the subtleties).
    • Adding a button to exit the tips menu : "I would like to know more about GENESIA".
    • Movement points of the cannon has been slightly increased and decreased the gold cost.
    • The gold cost needed to recruit a champion has been decreased.
    • The resources needed to build a hot air balloon were reduced.
    • The resources needed to build a stone wall were reduced.
    • Improved graphics and icons of some buildings.
    • Correction of some spelling errors (if you see others spelling errors, contact me please).
    • Minor bug fixes.

    Please give me your feedback directly to the Blog or by selecting "About GENESIA" in the game menu. Do not forget to vote on the App Store, thank you.

    Now I'm going to work on update with more content (version 1.1.0), it will bring new game play elements (allow a few weeks this time).

    Thank you all, have a nice day.

  13. Youhouh gogo Thomas !!!
    im happy to see you working on a game project


  14. I played Ultimate Domain many years ago and loved it! Thank you so much for bringing it to the iPad. I tried leaving a review, but iTunes is currently unavailable, so will do later. Thanks again for the trip down memory lane!

  15. Bonjour Thomas,

    Je fais partie de cette communauté que votre Genesia a fédéré sur l'Amiga à l'époque. Jamais je n'aurai pensé pouvoir un jour remercier directement son auteur multi-casquettes et si talentueux, Internet a du bon :)

    En fait je viens de voir votre passage sur la chaine NO-Life sur Internet et c'est avec grande satisfaction que j'ai retrouvé dans vos propos, votre approche, l'esprit de passionnés par la recherche de réalisation et de développement d'univers si particuliers... Pour ne pas compromettre l'intégrité de votre approche il faut en effet payer un lourd tribu en terme de temps (tout faire soi même...), le modèle économique n'est pas celui qui est aujourd'hui la norme et cela n'est pas évident à tenir je pense dans cette société de l'instantanéité, alors un énorme Bravo sincère ! Je n'ai pas l'Ipad mais je vous assure que s'il sortait sur PC je sais que je rouvrirais la porte de cet univers à l'esthétique unique. C'est génial de voir des personnalités comme la votre, je vous souhaite le succès que mérite vos convictions et la qualité de vos productions.

    Si peux me permettre une chose. Dans l'émission de NoLife vous dites que contrairement aux autres vous ne faites pas de marketing (au sens où les boites de jeu d'aujourd'hui réussissent à vendre presque n'importe quoi avec leurs business communication) mais finalement en venant dans l'émission de NoLife vous en avez fait et j'espère que vous allez continuez ainsi !! Cela prend du temps peut-être mais IL FAUT SURTOUT COMMUNIQUER pour que les gens s'intéressent à votre jeu, et ce n'est pas se trahir que de le faire n'est ce pas ? :) J'espère qu'avec Internent la chose sera ainsi facilité.

    Je remercie également No-Life pour avoir parlé (et vous avoir laissé exprimer votre vision) de votre nouvelle version de Genesia mais aussi la nouvelle. Un bel hommage en somme, mais aussi un chouette coup de main pour l'avenir.
    URL de l'émission pour voir la vidéo de votre interview pour ceux que cela intéresse :

    Bonne continuation et que vive GENESIA pour longtemps !!! :))


  16. Merci Robin,

    J'ai lu attentivement votre message et je dois vous avouer qu'il me touche énormément. Déjà pour avoir eu la patience de m'exprimer votre ressenti, mais également pour le message que vous faites passer.

    J'espère communiquer un peu plus effectivement, j'ai même hésité avant d'accepter l'invitation à l'émission NoLife, c'est pour dire... héhé.

    Encore merci Robin pour vos encouragements. C'est grâce à des personnes comme vous que des auteurs comme moi ont encore envie d’exprimer leur talent.

    Je vous souhaite une agréable journée.

  17. Hi,
    bought your iPad version of the game. I love the humour and the cursing
    of the settlers when they get annoyed at you! This game was $7.99 in Australia
    which I thought was expensive, as I had not heard of the game before,
    but after about a week of playing, it is worth it! The game seems alive and
    the AI (to me at least) is clever and It has thwarted my own cunning plans
    a few times even when I thought I had the upper hand. A feature suggestion -
    how about being able to name villages, or people or whatever? Also the terrain
    needs to be modified slightly - I have played some unbalanced maps that have
    had some very unusable terrain. How about boats and ports? There could be traders, pirates and warships. Thankyou for a great game!

  18. @ Anonyme:

    Thank you for sharing, I noted your suggestions.

  19. Hello,
    I love this game for the PC when it was first released. Have played if for many years on different emulators and so as Dos simply doesn't really work on modern machines anymore. So as you can imagine I was very happy when the game was released for Ipad, and bought it imidiately :) anyway, I have a few suggestions/comments with regards to the game.

    I was surprised to see it stripped down abit from the original pc version? doesn't have the same functions and features, is this correct? for example no boats or real trading anymore.

    I think these and a lot of the old features should be reintroduced as well as a better market and trading system where I am not limited to my neighbor and I can't actually trade. It's more I just give my neighbor something and get nothing in return. Perhaps I should be a able to trade with any ally in the game and let trade decide prices. For example if one country needs wood I can trade wood for gold, or anything else. I seem to remeber this existing in the original.

    Thank you Kindly,
    Kenneth Shaw

  20. @ Kenneth:

    Kenneth thank you for your encouragement. You are right, the iPad version has fewer elements and some features will be added as and when updated.

    An update with the visit of the King (a challenge) will be available within weeks.

    Others will follow then, it will take some time because I'll be working on a "universal" version of Genesia, so that the application runs on PC / MAC / Androids and Web-Browser.

    Thank you for sharing your time with us.

  21. I love this kind of game, but never heard of this one till the iPad app store. So i purchased it immediately, looking forward to immersive play.

    I would like to suggest, however, having an option to play without the timer. I have a really limited idea of what I am supposed to be doing, even after going throughout the tutorial help twice, and being accustomed to similar types of games. So I have no time to think or learn or explore options before the turn is over. And that is no fun at all.

    I don't see the appeal of a timer anyway, unless you are playing against a live opponent. You did mention in your description of the game that it was not simply a race against time. Therefore, wouldn't it be nice to allow the timer to be turned off? And to choose the allotted time if one chooses to play with a timer?

  22. Is there any more information anywhere about how to play this game? The tutorial is not sufficient. For example, I see my AI opponent has two provinces and I have one. How do I claim more provinces? I do not see that mentioned anywhere. A help section would be, well, helpful...

    It looks very promising, but if you don't already know how to play, I can't see how you would find out. Also, it takes long enough to study all the text pages that the timer runs out before you have a chance to think!

  23. @Anonymous :

    You can change the duration of a round from the main menu option : just go in "Characteristics of the world & his players" then set "Game turn duration" to "10 minutes (very long)".

    I have finished to adding the new help screen in Genesia version 1.1.0 which will ready in the apple store in less than 15 days.

    Thank you for sharing.

  24. @Anonymous :

    I have just set the maximum "Game turn duration" timer from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, there is available in the Apple Store in less than 15 days with Genesia update 1.1.0.

  25. Can I just say well done Thomas on re-releasing what has to be one of my fondest gaming memories! The pacing, music and ambience of the seasons gave it a class other similar titles couldn't come close to. Unfortunately I do not have an Ipad. If you ever get the funds to put out an iPhone, android or PC (like steam) release I'll be right there.

    I will make sure to point the gaming forum that I'm a member of towards picking up your title.

  26. Que de memoires!
    J'avais beaucoup joue a Genesia avec 2 copains (version PC). Je me souviens avoir dit a l'epoque: "il est temps d'oublier Populous"!
    Nous sommes aussi des Ch'tis (du cote d'Arras). J'habite maintenant au Japon, mais je reviens visiter mes copains de temps en temps.
    Si tu habites toujours dans le nord, on adorerait te recontrer (on joue a D&D pen&paper quant on se retrouve).
    J'espere "ardamment" qu'une version iPhone sortira dans le future! Tout mes souhaits de reussite t'accompagne Thomas!!

  27. Ah, desole! Je viens de relire les posts, et c'est Bruno qui habite dans le nord!
    Mais bon, l'invitation tiens quand meme! ^_^

  28. @Anthony,

    Merci pour ton message, je pratique encore de temps en temps le jeu de rôle sur table D&D avec quelques amis.

    Je travaille actuellement à la création de la version "universelle" (PC / MAC / Android) de Genesia, mais il me reste encore beaucoup de choses à faire, mais qui sait un jour j’aurais peut être le temps de rencontrer les "Fans" de Genesia avec qui je partage les mêmes passions.

    Merci pour les encouragements Anthony.

  29. Any plans to add some sort of local statistics or highscores? I'd really love some sort of records of my previous attempts in the games' 3 modes.

  30. @Lord Gek : Hi, this is not planned at the moment because I currently work on the new universal version of Genesia (iPAD / iPhone / Mac / PC). But it's a good idea, I'll note this in my development notebook.

    Thank you for sharing Lord Gek.

  31. Thanks for the lite version release, I'll now gladly check it out but I still am really hoping for some local stat tracking in the future.

  32. Hello i bought the game and it is well done! I'd like to ask you if are possible make some changes to have the game as the Amiga version. For example, drills that could get stone and metal in the same way and then the possibility of being able to better position for buildings and not only where the game decides, and soia blogger than now!!!thank you...

    1. Hello,

      Yes, I work on a new "universal" version of Genesia with many improvements. This new version will also run on PC / MAC / iPAD / Android !

      There are a lot of work (several months), but I'm on it: p

    2. This is the best answer!!!thanks a lot...have a nice work...

  33. This game is awesome! I have buy ;) but apple stor do not permit to write a review or place a star

    1. Thank you! I'm sure the Apple store will work soon;)

  34. Hi I am Alan from Malaysia I love this games when I was about 20 years ago this is the best and most challenging strategy games at that point of time

    1. Thank you Alan for your support, they make me really happy -)

      Good day to all Malaysians !

    2. Mr. Zighem,

      I think this game is awesome and everything about it is great (except for the graphics of course, although I think it adds to the over all effect of the gameplay) but there is one thing that could make it better; a multiplayer via wi-fi/Internet. It would be really fun if we were able to play others from across the country or even the globe without having to have another person in the room willing to play it with you for an hour and a half.

      Just some input, and thanks for listening!

  35. Bonjour Thomas,

    J'ai connu votre jeu étant enfant il y a plus de 15 ans. J'y jouais sur PC sous win98.
    Dieu que ce jeu était dur et stimulant ! Il m'a donné pas mal de fil à retordre du haut de mes 11 ans à l'époque, et je crois que même encore maintenant il m'apprendrais encore l'humilité.
    C'est avec grand plaisir que je suis tombé par hasard sur cette page après avoir tapé Génésia dans un moteur de recherche... Quelle fut ma joie de voir que le jeu vit toujours !
    Une version Android est prévue ?

    Merci encore !

    Si vous souhaitez me répondre : fiveone[nospam]

    1. Bonjour Louis,

      Merci de partager avec nous tous ces souvenirs. Oui, une version "Universelle" de Genesia est en cours de développement et va fonctionner également sur Androids.

      Note : le nouveau site consacré à Genesia est disponible, vous pouvez vous inscrire à la newletter et ainsi suivre le développement de Genesia :

      A bientôt,

  36. I am really excited about the possible Android version of this. Many days and countless hours have been spent with this game on my first PC. My Android tablet needs this! ! !

    1. Hi Duck,

      Thank you for sharing. Yes, an "Universal" version of Genesia is under development and will work also on Androids.

      Note: The new Genesia is available, you can subscribe to the newsletter and thus follow the development :

      See you soon,

  37. Hey Tom, good to now you decided to renew this game :)
    I was playing it a long time a go, a pearl in my abandonware collection. I still will repeat the previous comments, more platforms and more ad :)

  38. I am a major strategy fan and i stumbled across this one. Never heard of it, but after playing the light version i love it and bought the full version. keep up the good work!

  39. Hello, Thomas.
    As many previous speakers, I also played Genesia many years ago, and it is one of titles I miss the most. Have You consider kick-starting it? I can imagine, making multi-platform, advanced mechanics game could be expensive. Kickstarter could help, to gather needed founds, and find out about real interest of game, between potential customers.

    Best wishes, from certain PC version buyer.

    1. Marcin,
      thank you for all your encouragements. I'll get more information on kickstarter.

      Note: The new website dedicated to Genesia is available, you can also subscribe to the newsletter and thus follow the development of Genesia:

      I wish you a pleasant day,

  40. Ow, I was wondering who still had the Genesia rights, so it was you.

  41. Hi bought the IPAD version, i loved PC version so much,
    but where is technology tree? how i can use library ? i cannot assign scientist...

    where i can find help about the game ?

    1. Hello,

      The library is not available for the moment, but will be present in the universal version.

      Some infos can be found on the new WEB site. You can subscribe to the newsletter and thus follow the development :

      Have fun !

  42. bought the hame and love playing it, the only thing i dont get is how i can find those gems, cant find any in the treasures on the map and when i google it, i cant find a pic of how those damn grms look like... plz help?

    1. Hello Wren,
      did you build a temple ?
      Did you make a donation to the disciples ?
      Then, did you discovered some treasures chest while you are under lucky effect ?

      Have fun !

  43. made the donations alrdy but now figured out that i get the gems from the shipments while being under the lucky effect... ty...ty...THNX <3

  44. Can you help me install the game - this game which i loved - on my pc on dosbox with detailed steps considering im not a computing guy at all... when i get an ipad .. next feb most probably ill be the first to get your game then :) as well .. please please help

  45. i have the game cd files with on a pendrive (h:) .. i have dosbos .74 ... i do go about it all .. c: drive is my system drive, d: drive is my cd drive and from the rest of the directories start from e: f: and so forth

    1. Hello Mathew, I do not know very well about DOSbox. But while I looking on the web, I found informations that can certainly help you :

      Good luck and good game ;)


  46. Love the game. The US version of Ultimate Domain started my love of strategy games, and there has never been a game since that has equalled the fun I had with your original masterpiece. I was so excited when I just bought an IPad and on a whim I searched for it not thinking it would be there and was thrilled when I found it.

    I understand you are making updates and modifications such as the technology tree. If there is also any way to modify the trading post system that would be great. I currently spend 10 minutes every season trying to move resources around 7 provinces. It would be great if you could detail the exact amount of an item to move rather than just half.

    If you could have a single trading post link to more than one province that would be great as well, particularly if they all are in the same corner... maybe make it a minimum distance requirement. But now I must build 4 posts in one province taking up very valuable space just to avoid having to do calculus to move goods), but understand this may be intentional to make it more difficult... but being able to do more than always move half the goods would help.

    Love the game, and thank you so much for resurrecting it. I have told all my friends and will continue to urge them to buy the app.

  47. Wonderful game, really hope you will be able to continue to modify and improve adding features you mentioned such as the old technology tree. As space is at such a premium it would be great if buildings could be next to one another, but not back to back to ensure pathways for travel. Also, the maps often have several mountainous regions which I have yet to be able to really exploit as the amount of space to build on is very limited, and really the only use of the province becomes drill (because there is not enough space to build dwellings, fields and warehouses), but the drill destroys the environment instantely (because the nature score in the mountain regions is so low to begin with) causing illness and depression amongst the few settlers who can fit. Not sure if there is a way to balance that out a bit so those provinces are worth settling.

  48. Thank you for your encourragements. I am currently working on a "universal" version of Genesia. This new version of the game will allow fans to play on PC / MAC / LINUX / IOS / ANDROID.

    All your suggestions are noted in my development book, you will not be disappointed. There is a lot of work, but I'm on the way ;p

    Some infos can be found on the new WEB site. You can subscribe to the newsletter and thus follow the development :

    Have fun !

  49. Are you really the person who made the original Ultimate Domain?! I feel like I'm meeting a celebrity! That game was amazing! Is there any way to buy a version that plays on current windows, or on a typical smart phone?


    1. @Anonyme : Hi ! yes, I am the creator of "Ultimate Domain" (called Genesia in Europe). I am currently working on a "universal" version of Genesia. This new version of the game will allow you to play on PC / MAC / LINUX / IOS / ANDROID.

      There are still a lot of work, but the project is progressing well.
      You can read more informations on the new Genesia site :

      Thank you for your encouragements.

  50. Bonsoir,

    J'ai eu connaissance de la renaissance de Genesia, grâce au forum d'ubuntu :

    Je vois qu'une version pour Linux est à venir, bon sang, j'en ai mon cœur qui palpite à 1000%

    J'ai été un grand fan de ce jeu sur Amiga, j'en ai passé des nuits blanche avec des amis…

    De voir que l'auteur aujourd'hui, revient, est ici et nous répond simplement… Comment dire… Bâ comme la souligné Robin « Internet a du bon ».

    Je me suis inscrit à votre newsletter, j'ai hâte ^_^



    1. Merci David pour le lien vers le forum Ubuntu, je ne connaissais pas.

      Oui, une version Linux / OSX / WINDOWS est en développement depuis plusieurs mois. Je ne peux pas encore donner d'informations ici, mais je le ferai très prochainement sur le site officiel.

      Je peux toutefois vous dire que je vous prépare avec grands soins cette nouvelle version ! Le code, le graphisme et certains éléments de "gameplay" ... tout a été revu, mais toujours dans le but de conserver l'esprit original qui fait la particularité de l'univers de "Genesia", avec à la clé du contenu "adulte".

      Merci pour vos encouragements, j'ai également hâte de vous dévoiler ce nouveau Genesia !

      Je vous souhaite une agréable journée David,

      À bientôt sur le site : !


  51. Outstanding! Ive been thinking about this game for the last 18 years since I had it on the A500. I havent got an IPad but will watch intently for an Android version. Would very happily pay for that if & when it happens! Good luck with your sales, sincerely! So glad the game's getting a new lease of life after all these years. Ive always hoped it would one day!

  52. I loved the original game. Unfortunately i don't have an IPAD. I can't wait for you to make this available on other platforms. Keep up the good work
    -- Srivatsan

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